Website and eCommerce Design

A new way to buy more of the household disinfectant you love.
Client: Zoflora
Year: 2020
Role: UX / UI Designer

The Project

Zoflora has been helping UK households stay safe from germs for almost 100 years, with a popular range of beautifully fragranced, perfumer developed concentrated disinfectants. They came to our team looking for a website re-design and a new eCommerce platform.

The Challenge

Cross Channel Redesign: The scope of this redesign was wide, including digital brand guidelines, a website redesign, a new eCommerce platform, a new Amazon Store design, and social media channel updates.

eCommerce Platform: Until now, Zoflora has only been available through stockists. We were tasked with designing a new eCommerce platform that would allow consumers to order Zoflora products easily, directly from the manufacturer.

The Process

Our team included two developers, and a program manager. Starting from the ground up, I was responsible for updating the digital brand guidelines, the redesign of the website, as well as the designs for the new eCommerce platform and Amazon Store. Below is a snapshot of the process for the design and launch of the website and eCommerce platform.

Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Marvel, Zeplin

Digital Brand Guidelines

The inspiration for Zoflora is light, refreshing and colourful – content is aspirational, inspiring and engaging, with a touch of playfulness.

Website Redesign

We gave Zoflora's website a modern and fresh facelift using a bright colour palette, custom icons and beautiful imagery.

The Zoflora Journal

We gave the blog it's own unique personality by introducing a playful script and combining photography with playful graphics.

New eCommerce Store

High-fidelity mockups were used to build a clickable prototype using Sketch and Marvel in order to test out key features. At a low price point per item, we worked on elements that would encourage users to purchase multiple items.


Discover new products

Scroll through all of Zoflora's products of narrow down your options by using the sort and filter functions. Sort by fragrance, bottle size, new, and more.

Bundle builder

Create a custom bundle and save

The 'bundle builder' was designed to meet manufacturer specifications and to be intuitive to use. Consumers can fill up their bundle to get the best value for money.